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Experience the nature

naturopplevingarExperience mountains and fjords in Ulvik. Follow some of the many marked hiking-paths into the mountains for a unique view over the town or experience the fjord up close. Try your hand at waterskiing or rent a boat or kayak to tour the area between the steep mountainsides, or go for a cooling dip at one of the numerous bathing-areas around town. Learn to brew tea based on local, edible plants from the mountain with the help of a local guide or try the local town quiz in town centre. Ulvik has something to offer for everyone, young and old!

Ulvik Summer Festival

sommarfestivalThursday 6 July – Sunday 9 July: Ulvik Summer Festival
The 16th annual highlight of the year kicks off a massive celebration of the summer! Down by the boat-dock, you’ll find a large, local market with everything from woolen socks to snacks and haircare-products. At the dock, there will be several activities for young and old, whether you’d like to take a spin in a zorbing-ball on the fjord, give your children the opportunity to go on a ride with the Elias-boat or try your hand (or arms!) at the hanging-competition over the fjord. The national championship in pallet-paddling takes place here with awards for the best and most creative teams. Join the grand fishing-competition, and enjoy the after-fish and events at Brakanes hotell and the Green Café. Welcome to a weekend jam-packed with fun and activities for the entire family! Updates (in Norwegian) found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/377325832458436/

Mild May and brighter days!

imagesThe fruit tree blossoming has started, and everywhere in Ulvik you will see and hear this years lambs enjoying the warm weather and open fields. The first fruit trees to blossom are cherry and plum, and the pear and apple trees will follow suit as the weather promises to stay warm. The colours of soft white and pink will soon be everywhere. This is also the time for the annual Ulvik Cider-festival, hosted by the Fruit- and ciderroute on May 21st. The tree farms open their doors to guided tours which involves cider tasting of last year’s harvest. The festival also includes a consert at Café Drøs on Friday the 20th and a buffet at Brakanes hotel Saturday evening. For more information: www.siderruta.no

Kvasshovden Up

kvasshovdenThe annual uphill-race towards the mountain Kvasshovden at 1030 meters above sea-level kicks off on Saturday 15th of July for both hikers and racers. The trail is a 7500 meter stretch from town centre to the top, including several food stops. At the top of Kvasshovden, you get a spectacular view over the town and the entire race is live-streamed at the Kongress in town-centre. An award-ceremony in the afternoon awards the best time as well as a random draw from everyone who signed up for the Kvasshovden-trail.

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