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By bike

med-sykkelIt is easy to get around by bike in Ulvik on the asphalted roads which access several good hiking-trails. If you are arriving from the direction of Odda or Eidfjord, you can bike through Bu and over the Hardanger-bridge to Vallavik and further in to Ulvik. There will only be one short, lit tunnell on the 14 kilometer long stretch between Ulvik and Vallavik. Follow road number 572 along the fjord past the former ferry-dock Bruravik until you reach Ulvik. If you are arriving from the direction of Voss or Granvin, you can bike along the old mountain-route over Espelandsdalen. The road is about 18 kilometers long from Holven, up to Espelandsdalen and further down to Ulvik, where you will get a fantastic panoramic view over the town on your way down. Once arrived in town centre, Ulvik offers several options for accomodation and dining.

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