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By car

med-bilWhether you are arriving from east or west, Ulvik is easily accessible by car. If you are arriving from Bergen, you can follow either E7 through Norheimsund or E13 via Voss towards Granvin. After a 20 minute drive through the Vallavik-tunnel and along the fjord, you will find Ulvik and its town centre, and 10 kilometers further in is Osa. It is also possible to reach Ulvik by the “old-road” over the mountain, by following E13 to Granvin and take off towards county-road 572 by Holven in Granvin. If you are arriving by the Hardangervidda or through Odda, you can follow E13 to Bu and take the Hardanger-bridge over to Vallavik and follow road 572 along the fjord to Ulvik. It is also possible to catch the ferry from either Utne or Kinsarvik over to Kvanndal and travel via Granvin and the Vallavik-tunnel, or even the “old-road” if you are looking for an even more scenic route to Ulvik.

Ulvik offers free parking everywhere, and have several good parking-options and accessibility to the most popular hiking-trails in the area.

Contact information for Ulvik Tourist Office

Address: Tyssevikvegen 9-11, 5730 Ulvik
Telephone: (+47) 565 26 280

February 2020

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