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    Ulvik næringslag
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    Ulvik næringslag

By public transport

med-offentlig-transportWhether you are arriving by bus, boat or train, it is easy to access Ulvik by public transportation. Transfer-points for public transport is found in Granvin and at Voss station. Whether you are arriving by the Bergen-Oslo railway or other trains in that general direction, hop off at Voss station and catch the hour-long bus-ride down to Ulvik. The same goes for if you’re travelling via the East-West-express bus; hop off at Voss station and take the bus down to Ulvik. Buses going to and from Ulvik run all day long and is the easiest means for transportation for getting to and from the town. To find a bus-schedule for going to Ulvik, try using Skyss’ route-planner online at
If you would like to arrive by boat, it is possible to catch the tourist-boat Tedno, which starts in Norheimsund every morning and picks up passengers from towns such as Lofthus, Kinsarvik and Utne before heading to Ulvik and the final destination of Eidfjord. The boat-trip will take you in along the Hardangerfjord towards the Ulvik-fjord with a spectacular view of the mountains and nature.

Contact information for Ulvik Touristinformation

Adress: Tyssevikvegen 9-11, 5730 Ulvik
Telephone: (+47) 56526280

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Monday: 11.00–15.00
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