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Dining-options and shopping in Ulvik

Ulvik features several exciting options for both dining and shopping, whether you seek to quench your thirst with locally produced apple-cider or sample other local flavours by the dining-table. You will find a great market for local produce and products made in Ulvik and everything you might need during your stay here.

  • COOP


    Coop Marked is a bigger grocery-store with a wide selection of items, ranging from food-items to paint and pharmaceutical goods.Se mer »
  • Den Grøne Kafé

    Den Grøne Kafé

    Based off of the poet Olav H. Hauge's poem about the green cafe, this restaurant offers everything from tasty drinks to filling dinners and cafésnacks by the boat-dock of Ulvik.Se mer »
  • Drøs


    Drøs is a charming little cafe, bar and restaurant with several lunch- and dinner-options, tasty drinks and sweet baked goods, situated in town centre by the main road and the fjord.Se mer »
  • Handel & Handverk Wollert Nordahl

    Handel & Handverk Wollert Nordahl

    At Wollert, you will find whatever you might need here in Ulvik; Toys for the kids, gifts, souvenirs, office-equipents, jewlery and decorations as well as flower-decorations and potted plants. In this shop, you will find more or less anything you …Se mer »
  • Helling Kafé

    Helling Kafé

    The café sits right in town-centre by the main road and offers various meals and drinks. They also have a lottery-machine and several refreshments and snacks.Se mer »
  • Joker


    Joker is a simple convenience store offering whatever you might need, from toothbrushes to fruits, milk and bread. They also sell yarn and various knick-knacks and have a regular salad-bar twice a week.Se mer »
  • Pallens Frue

    Pallens Frue

    Pallens Frue is a charming, little shop by Skeiei tre with a lifestyle-theme, offering women's clothing, home-decorations, equipment for homes and a small selection of pasta and pesto.Se mer »
  • Syse Gard

    Syse Gard

    Syse farm sits right in the middle of the fruit- and ciderroute and offers homemade fruit-produce from plums, apples, pears and morello-cherries from the farm along with several tasty meat-products and apple-juice.Se mer »
  • Ulvikatorget


    Drop by the newly opened Ulvik-market which offers several different local produce from Ulvik. Glasses, ceramics, jams, fruits and handicrafts are just some of the things you will find at this local town-market in the heart of Ulvik.Se mer »
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