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Fruit- and ciderroute

ciderrutaThree different applefarms and three different experiences along the same road. This is the Fruit- and Ciderroute of Ulvik. All three farms are situated along the same road, accessible by hiking, biking and driving. The farms offer various local produce and tours with samples on demand, but you are free to take the route along the cider-farms on your own.




Hardanger Juice- and Cidershop at Lekve is a traditional fruitfarm with a large, industrial farmyard production of applejuice and cider, along with a modern distillery for the newly developed apple brandy. The farm offers a large farm available for up to 80 people and is open for booking.


Syse Farm is a versitile farm with a vast production of applejuice, cider, various jams and lamb-meats. Drop by the shop, which is a part of the Economuseum-group, and try some applejuice or purchase a gift-basket for yourself or someone you love.


Ulvik Fruit- and Cideri focuses on growing several different types of apples and produces several types of applejuice and -cider with various flavours and acidity. The farm also has a smaller shop for its products.



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