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Koselige Gamlastova
Cozy Gamlastovo
En ny fin morgen i Gamlastovo © Foto: Lars Frøystein
Another fine day at Gamlastovo © Foto: Lars Frøystein












Gamlastovo is a remarkably charming house of “old origin”. The house is renovated and set up to offer modern comforts and up-to-date technical solutions. It also offers electric heating, with the extra comfort of a fireplace burner in the living room. The accomodation is ideal for two people, but an added bed placed outside the living room makes it possible for up to three people to stay there. The place offers internet access.

As seen on the pictures, Gamlastovo is located right next to the fjord, app. 500 meters from Ulvik town centre (on the way to Osa). The street address is Osavegen 39. There’s parking space right next to the house, and also a bus-stop close by.

Rooms in Gamlastovo:

Ground floor: Entrance, living room and kitchen

First floor: Bedroom and bathroom

Basement with a washing machine

Storage room with a freezer included


Gro Rødland

Phone numbers: (+47) 990 43 285 / (+47) 56 52 65 46



Entrance with stairs to the first floor












Seating area in the living room

Sitjegruppe i stova











Living room with a fireplace burner and sat-tv

Stova med vedkomfyr


Kitchen with water boiler, cooker, microwave, dish washer, coffee maker, toaster etc.












Bedroom with two beds












View from Gamlastovo

Utsikt frå stova










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