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Handel & Handverk Wollert Nordahl

Handel & Handverk sits along the fjord-prominade by Brakanes Hotel and offers a wide selection of items and decorations spead over two floors. Here, you will find whatever you might need for gifts, souvenirs or things you might need for yourself or at home. Glasswork and interior decorations, toys, books, jewlery and accessories are only a few of the things you might find in this shop. You can also buy or arrange flower-arrangements and potted plants with all the neccesary equipment. This little shop by the fjord has it all.

Contact information for Ulvik Touristinformation

Adress: Tyssevikvegen 9-11, 5730 Ulvik
Telephone: (+47) 56526280
E-mail: ulvikturist@ulvik.org

Opening hours September 2019

Monday: 11.00–15.00
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11.00–16.00
Thursday: 11.00–17.00
Friday/Saturday: 11.00–16.00
Sunday: Closed

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