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    Ulvik næringslag
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  • Ulvik næringslag
    Ulvik næringslag

Getting to and from Ulvik

Ulvik sits in the very corner of the Hardanger-fjord, surrounded by tall, snow-clad mountains, close to the fjord and nature. The town is easily accessible by car, boat and public transport, and sits along road 572, a small detour off of county-road 7 and 13. Ulvik offers several options for accomodation for boats, cars and campervans and has free parking with easy accessibility everywhere.

  • By car

    By car

    You find Ulvik along road 572, a smaller detour from E7 and E13. Reaching the town is simple, either through Granvin or the Hardanger-bridge, a 20 minute drive from Granvin or Bu.Se mer »
  • By boat

    By boat

    The Ulvikfjord and Osafjord are two branches off of the third longest fjord in the world, the Hardangerfjord. There are severaloptions for accessing and spending the night by boat in Ulvik, whether you are arriving byyour own boat or via …Se mer »
  • By public transport

    By public transport

    It is easy to reach Ulvik by public transport. Buses run frequently between Ulvik and Granvin, a transfer-point for anyone travelling from andtowards Voss, Bergen or Oslo. The closest train-station is at Voss with corresponding buses to Ulvik. It is …Se mer »
  • By foot

    By foot

    It is possible to access Ulvik through Osa by going over the mountain from Hallingskeid. This is a longer day-trip which requires its hikers to be in good physical shape.Se mer »
  • By bike

    By bike

    It is easy to access Ulvik by bike, whether you are arriving over the Hardanger-bridge or over the old mountain-road from Granvin. The roads are asphalted and easy to ride by bike.Se mer »
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Contact information for Ulvik Tourist Office

Address: Tyssevikvegen 9-11, 5730 Ulvik
Telephone: (+47) 565 26 280
E-mail: [email protected]

May 2020

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