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Popular hiking-trails 2019

turstiar2015Tunheim (Liavegen and Jonstøl): Tunheim is a good starting point for two hikes in the area. The green trail will take you along Liavegen and takes about one hour by following the sign-postage towards Liavegen. The trail provides some light forest terrain and views over the Osafjord and Ulvik. Choose the upper-road if you want a higher viewpoint and more elevation or the lower-road if you want a lighter terrain. Return to Tunheim or take off down to Øydve farm and return to town centre along the main road. The second option is a blue trail up to Jonstøl, a cottage-area higher up in the mountains. The trail takes about two hours hiking up and offers a great view over the town and a cozy cabin-area at the very top.

Åsen round-trip: The Åsen-trail is a two hour long round-trip along a gravel road, which is suitable for biking and strollers. Going by bike, starting at Håheim is most reccommended, while hikers and drivers are reccomended to start from Holmen and follow the sign-postage up to the round-trip. The hike offers viewpoints over the Osa-fjord and Ulvik.

Kvasshovden: This red trail is a more challenging trail taking you 1030 meters above sealevel to the mountain Kvasshovden. It follows a trail starting from town centre into the forested areas and is used yearly for the uphill-race “Kvasshovden Opp”. The trail takes about three hours going up and offers a panoramic view over Ulvik.


For more spectacular hikes in Ulvik and the surrounding area, please see https://en.hardangerfjord.com/hardangerfjord-hiking-highlights 

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