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Rental and booking

Here, you will find an overview and the contact-details over whatever you would like to book in Ulvik, whether it is kayaks, bikes or a local guide.

  • Booking a guide

    Booking a guide

    Ulvik turistkontor offers a selection of flexible, local guides who takes you around the village, whether you are interested in the poet Olav H. Hauge, the old village mill, the church or wishes to experience a more extensive hike.Se mer »
  • Tour of the fruit- and ciderfarms

    Tour of the fruit- and ciderfarms

    You will find three fruit- and ciderfarms producing apple-juice, cider and various fruit-products along the same route in Ulvik. The farms offer tours in their cider-factories by interest and group-bookings.Se mer »
  • Renting a sea-kayak

    Renting a sea-kayak

    Ulvik tourist-information have four steady sea-kayaks available for rent by the Ulvik-fjord. The kayaks are available for rent between an hour and a full day and can also be booked for long-time rentals.Se mer »
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Contact information for Ulvik Touristinformation

Adress: Tyssevikvegen 9-11, 5730 Ulvik
Telephone: (+47) 56526280
E-mail: [email protected]

Opening hours September 2019

Monday: 11.00–15.00
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11.00–16.00
Thursday: 11.00–17.00
Friday/Saturday: 11.00–16.00
Sunday: Closed

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