Saturday July 13th, the annual uphill race Kvasshoven Opp kicks off for the twelfth time, where racers and hikers go from 0 to 1030 meters above sealevel. Hikers start between 8 AM and 11 AM, while the competitive racers start at 11:30 AM. There are several prices up for grabs, both for best time and a random draw of the participants at the award ceremony by Brakanes Hotel at 4 PM.

The quickest completion of the race for men is 46:49 and 54:57 for women. Think you can beat that?


For more information and to sign up, please see www.kvasshovdenopp.no

Experience the nature

naturopplevingarExperience mountains and fjords in Ulvik. Follow some of the many marked hiking-paths into the mountains for a unique view over the town or experience the fjord up close. Try your hand at waterskiing or rent a boat or kayak to tour the area between the steep mountainsides, or go for a cooling dip at one of the numerous bathing-areas around town. Learn to brew tea based on local, edible plants from the mountain with the help of a local guide or try the local town quiz in town centre. Ulvik has something to offer for everyone, young and old!

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