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The Hauge museeum

hauge-senteretOlav H. Hauge Centre – A literary museum dedicated to a great Norwegian poet

The Olav H. Hauge Centre in Ulvik offers unique insight into the life and work of one of Norway’s most acclaimed poets. The exhibition also conveys poetry in many forms across language boundaries. The Olav H. Hauge Centre has a museum shop, poetry library, poetry workshop and activities for children.

Olav H. Hauge (1908–1994) is considered one of the most significant Norwegian poets and translators of poetry. He worked as a fruit farmer and made his literary debut in 1946. Hauge was an avid reader from childhood and at his home on Rossvoll in Ulvik, he gathered great knowledge from the reading of literature from all over the world. He published several collections of translations of English, French and German poetry. His own poetry has been translated into more than 20 languages.


Exhibition texts are in both Norwegian and English.

The Green Café has indoor and outdoor seating right by the beautiful Ulvikafjord.

A guided tour for groups can be booked in advance.

Tel. 56 52 70 70

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May – August:

Tuesday – Friday       10:00-16:00

Saturday – Sunday    11:00-17:00


September – April:

Tuesday – Friday       10:00-16:00

Sunday                       12:00-17:00

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