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Tour of the fruit- and ciderfarms

omvisning-pc-sidergcrdAlong the fruit- and ciderroute of Ulvik, you will find three individual farms that offer tours of their facilities where you will be taken through the process from fruit on the trees to the finished bottled produce. The three farms all produce their own apple juice and cider, and also offer their own specific products. Ulvik frukt & cideri offers several different varieties of apples in its production and also produces a cider with a lower alcoholic content. Syse farm produces various fruit, jam and meat-produce in addition to producing both apple juice and cider. Their products are available in their shop, which is part of the economusée-group. Lekve farm has a large production of apple juice and cider but has also started a production of apple brandy.
During the tours, you will be shown the process of producing apple juice and cider along with tasty samples of the farm-produce.

You may now pre-book a tour at the farms, running Mondays through Wednesdays during the summer season, at   . The tour starts at 12:30, and is operated by Ulvik Frukt & Cideri on Mondays, Syse Gard on Tuesdays and Hardanger Saft & Siderfabrikk on Wednesdays. Beyond this schedule, it is possible to book individual group visits at the farms as well.


Contact Torbjørg Austrud and Asbjørn Børsheim at Ulvik Frukt & Cideri:

Telephone: (+47) 911 02 215


Contact Gro Tveit og Hans Uglenes at Syse Gard:

Telephone: (+47) 416 49 906


Contact Nils Lekve at Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk:

Telephone: (+47) 901 22 835
Website :


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