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Ulvik waterskiing-club

In Holmen by the soccer-field and the beach, Ulvik Waterskiing-club has their facilities open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with options of going waterskiing and renting banana-boats. It is open for both members and non-members and you will be taken out on a speedy water-skiing-trip on the Ulvikfjord or you can rent a banana-boat for a minimum of two people (five people maximum).vannski

Contact information for Ulvik Tourist Office

Address: Tyssevikvegen 9-11, 5730 Ulvik
Telephone: (+47) 565 26 280
E-mail: ulvik.turistkontor@outlook.com

Christmas opening hours 2019

Monday, 23/12: 11.00–16.00
Tuesday, 24/12: 09.00–13.00
Wednesday, 25/12: Closed
Thursday, 26/12: Closed
Friday, 27/12: 11.00–16.00

Saturday, 28/12: 11.00–16.00
Sunday, 29/12: Closed

Monday, 30/12: 11.00–15.00
Tuesday, 31/12: 11.00–15.00

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