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Hardanger Basecamp

hardanger-basecampHardanger Basecamp is situated in Osa and bases off of the principle of returning “back to the nature and basics”. At the Basecamp, you will gain valueable knowledge about living and co-existing in and by nature through various classes and activities. Learn to start up fire and cook food directly from nature or have a meal at the cozy café, offering a variety of exciting flavours, including dandelion-jam.

It is possible to rent an entre yurt with a capacity of 6–12 people or simply to rent one single bed in an available yurt. The yurts feature comfortable beds and cozy common-areas, and it is possible to rent towels, blankets and sleeping-beds on the premises. The Basecamp offers sanitary-facilities with showers, toilets, washing-machines and dryers.

Contact Hardanger Basecamp:
Telephone: 911 88 237
E-mail: evelyn@hardangerbasecamp.com, info@hardangerbasecamp.com
Website: www.hardangerbasecamp.com

Kontaktinformasjon for Ulvik turistkontor

Adresse: Tyssevikvegen 9–11, 5730 Ulvik
Telefon: 565 26 280
E-post: ulvik.turistkontor@outlook.com

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